What to do if you lose a Bold Clicker?

Don't worry — even if you’ve lost the Bold Clicker, you can revoke its access rights. That way, you’ll prevent the person who finds it from entering your home.

1. Disable cylinders from the Bold Clicker rights

Go to the Bold Clicker’s settings. Under ‘Configure,’ you can disable all Bold Smart Cylinders that are connected to the Bold Clicker. The Bold app will now spend 5 minutes searching for the Clicker to synchronize these settings. If this is not possible because you’ve lost the Bold Clicker, you will receive a security notification from the Bold app after 5 minutes.

2. Update Bold Smart Cylinders

Next, you’ll see an orange triangle on the home screen of the Bold app, indicating which Bold Smart Cylinders require an update. Open the settings of the cylinder you want to update. Make sure it’s within Bluetooth range and click on the message at the top of the screen to delete the cylinder’s Bold Clicker rights.

NOTE: If a Bold Smart Cylinder is connected to the Bold Connect and it’s online, it is updated right away. You won’t get a notification, and Bold Clicker rights are immediately withdrawn.