What happens if the battery is low or empty?

We have several ways to make sure you won’t face any surprises.

The Bold Smart Cylinder requires a standard CR123A battery, which is available at quality electronics stores. The battery will last for 2 years or 25,000 activations. 

You can easily replace the battery yourself. 

In the Bold App, you can check the battery status. To get the most recent information, connect to the Bold Smart Cylinder. Do you own a Bold Connect? Then the status in the Bold App is always up to date. 

When the battery level hits ‘Low,’ you’ll get recurring email reminders — first monthly, then weekly, and finally daily. That way, you’ll be aware of the severity of your battery’s depletion.

At that point, a safety mechanism is automatically activated — which, in turn, activates the Stamina mode. The latter is a sleep mode in which the Bold Smart Cylinder barely uses any energy.

When the Bold Smart Cylinder is in this mode, you can ‘wake it up’ by turning the outer knob. Then, you can activate the Bold Smart Cylinder in the usual way. Please note: in this case, auto-activation will only work after you have turned the outer knob, so you’ll save as much energy as possible. 

The Stamina mode extends the battery life one last time, so you’ll have a bit more time to replace the battery. At this stage, however, it’s paramount that you do so within a few weeks. After you’ve replaced the battery, the Stamina function is automatically turned off. The Bold Smart Cylinder will work as usual again.

A connection between the Bold server and the lock should be established — through phone activation or a Bold Connect — for the status to be updated in the Bold app.