How to update the Bold Clicker’s firmware?

The Bold Clicker continues to be improved, which is why firmware updates are occasionally available.

A firmware update may be necessary to add new functionalities or implement optimizations. You can install these updates from your phone in a safe, easy manner.

Whenever an update is available, you will see an orange triangle and an exclamation mark in the Bold App. Before you can update the Bold Clicker, you need to click it to wake it up. You can initiate the update by clicking on ‘Install’ in the settings screen. Make sure you are close to the Bold Clicker when the updates are performed. Leave your phone screen on while the update is processing.

On average, it takes one minute to perform an update. As an update may consist of several components, the progress indicator might occasionally return to 0%. This means a new component will be installed.

On rare occasions, an update is only partially installed, or installation is unsuccessful. If this happens, we recommend that you close and reopen the Bold App, after which you can reinitiate the update. In the event of an unsuccessful update, do not remove the Clicker from the app.