How to change the settings of the Bold Smart Cylinder?

You can change several of the Bold Smart Cylinder’s settings. For example, it’s possible to turn the sound on or off, deactivate the use of the inner knob, set the lock’s activation duration, and generate PIN codes.

In the Bold app, press the Settings icon for the Bold Smart Cylinder. You will find it to the right of the activation button. Here, you can change the following settings:

Activation log: View the log for all activations including dates, times, and the type of activation (e.g. button, Bold Clicker, Remote Activation).

Device information: Change your name, view the serial number, update the firmware, and view the battery status.

Manage: Transfer the ownership of the lock to another user or business account. You can also uninstall the device from your account.

Activate with button: If you check this option, you can activate the Bold Smart Cylinder by pressing the inner knob down — which may come in handy if you go out the door and want to lock it immediately after closing it.

Play activation sound: If you check this option, you will hear a sound (a beep) when activating the Bold Smart Cylinder.

Active time: Change how long your lock will remain active after activation.

Auto-activation: If you check this option, your Bold Smart Cylinder will automatically activate when you’re near the lock with your phone. You can read more about the Auto-Activation functionality here.

PIN: If you check this option, you can also activate the Bold Smart Cylinder by entering a 5-digit PIN code. Read more about setting and using a PIN code here.