How does the Bold Clicker work?

The Bold Clicker activates your Bold Smart Cylinder with the push of a button. The Bold Clicker is perfect for kids, the elderly, and anyone without a smartphone.

Access rights

The Bold Clicker is a small remote control that can be used to activate any Bold Smart Cylinder. The Bold Clicker will be linked to your Bold account. That means it has the same access rights as you. If, for example, you have permanent or scheduled access rights, the Bold Clicker will have these, too.

Bold Smart Cylinder

It’s possible to connect up to 50 Bold Smart Cylinders to any Bold Clicker. You can always use your Bold Clicker to activate your own Bold Smart Cylinders. Do you want to use it to activate someone else's Bold Smart Cylinder? No problem. Ask if the owner of the Bold Smart Cylinder in question can go to the sharing screen and allow you to use the Bold Clicker.

Battery life

Based on standard usage, the battery life is expected to be 4+ years.

New Firmware

To use the Bold Clicker you need to install the latest firmware on your Bold Smart Cylinder. If you have a Bold Connect, it is important that you update all your Bold Connects as well to ensure Remote Activation keeps working.

Technical specifications

Design: Small portable key fob

Material: White (ABS) housing, metal (chrome) ring

Dimensions: Ø35 x 8.2mm

Weight: 7 grams

Communication protocol: Bluetooth Low Energy (2.4Ghz)