How to manage the Bold Connect settings?

In the Bold App, you can manage several Bold Connect settings.

Various settings of the Bold Connect can be managed in the Bold App.

Choose the menu at the top right of the screen
Click on 'Gateways'

You will see specific information about your Bold Connect:

Device information

Name: Choose your own name for your Bold product


Model: Connect


Serial Number: The 5-digit serial number of your product.


Status of the connection to the local WiFi environment. If you want to change the status, proceed as follows:

1. Click on the text behind 'status' > list of available WiFi networks
2. Select the desired network
3. Enter the password of the selected WiFi network
4. The Bold Connect is now connected.

Connected locks

Here you can see which Bold Smart Cylinders are connected to this Bold Connect.


Enable the Controller function here. More information

Firmware version

Here you can see the version of the firmware on which the Bold Connect is running. If a firmware update is available, you will see a warning triangle here. Make sure you always download the most current firmware. 


Here you see the owner of the Bold Connect. This is who installed the Bold Connect. You can also transfer ownership:

1. Choose 'Owner' and click on the name.
2. Choose 'Transfer to contact' or 'Transfer to organization'
3. Enter the mobile phone number of the person to whom you want to transfer the Bold Connect or click 'Choose from contacts' to select a contact from your phone book and confirm by clicking 'enter'.

PLEASE NOTE: once the Bold Connect has been transferred, you cannot revoke it!

You have transferred ownership of the Bold Connect