How do you make sure Auto activation works best on Android?

Auto-Activation is controlled by your phone and each user must activate it themselves in the Bold app. It is best to set up Auto-Activation with your phone next to the Bold Smart Lock.

How to enable Auto-activation

When standing near the Bold Smart Cylinder, open the Bold app, select your Bold Smart Cylinder, and head to the Settings screen. There you can enable Auto-activation. Follow the steps in the Bold app to set up Auto-activation for this particular Bold Smart Cylinder.


Want to ensure Auto-activation is as accurate and consistent as possible? Use our quick tips below. Go to your Android phone settings and scroll down to Apps and go to the Bold app.

The Battery section is very important the most likely to cause issues with your background usage - which is critical to using Auto-Activation.

Configure your settings as follows:


  • Bluetooth: “Always On.”
  • Location Services: Should be set to “Allow all the time” and 'Use precise location' turned on.
    • Check if the Bold App has permission to request your location in the background.
  • Nearby devices: Set to Allow
  • Permissions removal: Head back to App Info and make sure "Remove permissions if app is unused" is switch off


  • Turn off battery optimization for the Bold App, so it will run better in the background (this is done in both the app and battery sections of the Android settings app). The default selection is "Optimised" but this should be changed to "Unrestricted".

Other tips

  • Wi-Fi: “Always on” — WiFi helps to determine the gps location of the phone and is therefore important for the function to work optimally.
  • Bold App: Do not terminate the app in between — if you do so, Auto-activation will become less responsive.
  • Background Killers: Don’t use any task killers or other apps that keep your phone’s memory empty. Low power mode may remove background usage to save battery. Please make sure this is not turned on. The Bold App may not function properly in the background as a result, which means Auto-activation won’t work reliably.
  • Need more? The following websites can help with getting the settings on Android phones correct: