How can you install a Bold Connect?

We assume you already installed one (or more) Bold Smart Cylinders before installing the Bold Connect.

We’re assuming you’ve already installed one or more Bold Smart Cylinders before installing the Bold Connect.

First, make sure Bluetooth is activated on your mobile device and you can access the Wi-Fi network. Then, complete the following steps:

  1. Use the adapter provided to connect your Bold Connect.
  2. Press and hold the round button to activate installation mode. Release the button when the LED starts to flash red.
  3. Open the Bold App and select ‘Install Bold Connect’ from the main menu. This option is indicated by an orange dot.
  4. Briefly press the round button on your Bold Connect and the button in the Bold App simultaneously. The Bold Connect will now be linked to your Bold account.
  5. Enter a name for your Bold Connect. You can change it later if desired. Press ‘Next.’
  6. Choose the right Wi-Fi network from the list to set up an internet connection for your Bold Connect.
  7. If you’ve successfully set up an internet connection, you will see a list of locks that are within the range of the Bold Connect. These locks can now use the extra functionality.
The installation process is now complete. Do you own several Bold Smart Cylinders? In that case, you can check whether each of them is within the range of the Bold Connect. If the Bold App can’t find a Bold Smart Cylinder, it’s probably because the signal of the Bold Connect is not received. This might be the case because the distance between the Bold products is too great or the signal is weak (as there’s a lot of metal or concrete between the Bold Connect and the Bold Smart Cylinder). You could try to move the Bold Connect slightly. In the Bold App, you can immediately see whether this has solved the problem.