How to use auto-activation?

If you use the auto-activation function, the Bold Smart Cylinder is activated automatically — there’s no need for you to operate the Bold App.

If you use the auto-activation function, the Bold Smart Cylinder is activated automatically — there’s no need for you to operate the Bold App. Auto-activation works once when you arrive at the door. It only works if you’ve been farther than 200 meters away from the door for a while. This system prevents a situation in which the Bold Smart Cylinder is activated for no reason when you walk around the house.

You can enable or disable auto-activation for each lock in the settings screen of the Bold Smart Cylinder involved. If you restart your phone, auto-activation will continue to work. But if you reinstall the Bold App, we will ask you to re-enable auto-activation.

Auto-activation is available on Android and iOS devices. The app determines whether you’re near your lock again through geofencing. To make sure geofencing works, it’s important for the Bold App to constantly have access to your location — in the background as well. That’s why Location Services should be set to ‘always.’ We strongly recommend that you keep Wi-Fi on as well, as it ensures geofencing is much more accurate.

Important: your location is only used locally on your phone and is never sent to our servers.

Here’s how to enable auto-activation:

  1. In the Bold App, select the Bold Smart Cylinder and open the settings screen. If you set the toggle to ‘on,’ a wizard will pop up explaining how auto-activation works.
  2. The geolocation is set on the second screen of the wizard. If desired, you can set your location more accurately here by moving the map.
  3. On the next screen of the wizard, you can enable assisted activation in addition to auto-activation. This means that when you are in the geofence area and you’re approaching the Bold Smart Cylinder, you’ll receive a push notification you can use to activate the Bold Smart Cylinder — without opening the Bold App. It will help you operate the Bold Smart Cylinder within the geofence area in an easy way.
  4. Once you’ve completed the wizard, auto-activation has successfully been enabled. Next time you approach the Bold Smart Cylinder, auto-activation will work.

If you experience a problem with auto-activation, see if you can solve it in one of the following ways:

  • Did you enable auto-activation via the settings screen? Please disable and re-enable it. Don’t forget to check if everything is set correctly, including the location.
  • Are Location Services enabled on your phone? Auto-activation works best when Location Services are set to ‘high accuracy.’
  • Is Bluetooth on?
  • Does the Bold App have permission to request your location in the background? Location Services should be set to ‘always.’
  • Is Wi-Fi on?
  • Don’t use any task killers or other apps that keep your phone’s memory empty. The Bold App may not function properly in the background as a result, which means auto-activation won’t work in a reliable way.
  • [Android] Is scanning for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled in your Location Settings?
  • [Android] Turn off battery optimization for the Bold App, so it will run better in the background. This is especially necessary if you own a OnePlus or Huawei phone. See also: