How do you make sure Auto activation works best on iOS?

Auto-activation is controlled on your iPhone and each user must turn it on in the Bold app themselves. It is best to enable Auto-activation with your phone near the Bold Smart Cylinder.

How to enable Auto-activation

When standing near the Bold Smart Cylinder, open the Bold app, select your Bold Smart Cylinder, and head to the Settings screen. There you can enable Auto-activation. Follow the steps in the Bold app to set up Auto-activation for this particular Bold Smart Cylinder.


Want to ensure Auto-activation is as accurate and consistent as possible? Use our quick tips below. Go to your iPhone settings and scroll down to the Bold app. Configure your settings as follows [click here for an example]:

  • Location: “Always” (and “Precise Location” where possible).
  • Bluetooth: “Always On.”
  • Background App Refresh: "On" Please make sure background refresh activity is enabled for the Bold App and your phone.
  • Mobile Data: "On" Auto-activation works best if the Bold app is allowed to use mobile data. The amount of data used is very small so you don't have to worry about that.

Other settings that help:

  • Wi-Fi: Leave “Always on” — WiFi helps to determine the gps location of the phone and is therefore important for the function to work even better.
  • Bold App: Do not completely terminate the app in between (by swiping the app away from the active apps overview). If you do so, Auto-Activation might become less responsive.
  • Low power mode: Enabling 'Low Power Mode' on your iPhone (which makes your battery icon yellow) can disable background activity features which can make Auto-activation less responsive.