How to replace the battery?

You can replace the battery yourself. If you do this, it’s easiest to take the Bold Smart Cylinder out of the door.

You will receive a timely notification through the Bold App when the battery needs replacing.

The Bold Smart Cylinder requires a CR123A battery, which you can order online or purchase at all well-known DIY stores. Please keep in mind we advise against the use of rechargeable CR123A batteries.

If present, remove the small screw that holds the motor in place in the Bold Smart Cylinder before replacing the battery. This screw prevents removal of the motor without removing the entire Bold Smart Cylinder from the door. We recommend using this screw in public locations for extra security, such as gyms, hotels and office buildings.

Follow this short step-by-step plan to replace the battery.

  1. The battery is in the Smart Engine in the inner knob. Press the two pins down to unlock the Smart Engine. Remove the small screw if it is in the inside knob.
  2. Slide the Smart Engine out. If the Smart Engine doesn’t come out far enough to remove it, you can use a tool — such as the hexagonal wrench provided or a small flat screwdriver — to gently push the Smart Engine further out at the height of the two pins.
  3. Open the battery compartment.
  4. Remove and replace the battery. When placing the Smart Engine back, make sure it is fully inserted into the inner knob. This is the case when the two black pins protrude visibly on the back of the inner knob.
  5. To get the new battery status in the Bold app you need to activate the lock with your phone to synchronize them. This can also be a good moment to test the lock and turn the outside knob. You do not have to reinstall the lock after replacing the battery. 

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